Collection policies and collection potential

Last week I was chatting to my Mum and she was telling me about this radio interview she had heard, that discussed library collections, weeding and the importance of content that isn't actually the content of the books.

Turns out it was this Radio National program: Marginalia in a Digital World and it made me think about what libraries collect and what we don't and what the different types of libraries prioritise. It also made me think about the importance of national and state libraries, institutions truly devoted to conserving our history and heritage.

I am fairly certain there aren't many academic libraries that could prioritise the types of resources discussed on the Radio National program, we just can't afford to, as it would eventually be at the expense of our other, more significant priorities. But it would be beautiful if we could. It would be beautiful to have the capacity to save all the worlds information, printed or otherwise. But reality isn't beautiful like this, at least not right now, but maybe one day.