Research support in academic libraries

This week I am attending a course at QUT on research support services for academic and special libraries. I enrolled to help me get back to being enthusiastic about the library industry and obviously to learn more about research support.

We kicked off this morning and managed to not have to do any 'getting to know you'  games, which immediately meant a big thumbs up from me.

But, as my fellow students and I introduced ourselves and worked on activities together, it turned out that we were from a really diverse range of backgrounds (well, diverse range of universities really, I guess). I was certainly surprised about this, going into the course I had assumed it would be a bunch of QUT library studies students and recent graduates and me - there are actually people from all over Australia.

I was also worried that I would stand out as someone with both more 'experience' (time in a job) and less 'experience' (actual skills in research support), but in reality the people doing this course have a variety of roles in libraries and universities and a variety of experience with research support. This has been really reassuring to me, to know that I haven't 'missed the boat' on this area of libraries.

Today we discussed the national research context and broad ideas of what research support is and what research data management is. Nat Simons and Sam Searle from Griffith also came to talk to us about their roles in eResearch services, which was fantastic.

Can't wait till tomorrow!