Blog every day of June, twitter and a professional online persona

So this is the first post on my new blog, a part of my new website, which I have created for a few reasons. 

I had been increasingly disengaged and disheartened about libraries and the industry in general for at least 6 months now, but a few weeks ago I decided that I needed to take some steps to change my perspective and refocus on the interesting, creative and positive things about libraries and my role in them

The 'blog every day in June' project that so many of the awesome information professionals I follow on twitter and in other online spaces are doing, has really helped with this. This got me more engaged in reading library blogs and articles and actually focusing on the content, rather than skimming over it.

I had also been thinking about how I really needed to improve my professional online persona, to re-engage with my colleagues on twitter, and to make it easy to find out about who I am. I created a separate twitter account for my 'professional' content.

This then inspired me to start designing and creating a real website for myself, that would have a blogging space, as well as functioning as an online resume. And this is the result.

I'm looking forward to writing a bit more and getting back into the library and information professional community.