Librarian Shame - YA fiction, Qualifications and Customers

It seems safe to assume that if you are in the library world, by now you have seen the newish website Librarian Shaming (there is nothing librarians seem to like more than a librarian meme - except maybe cats). It is a great site, really quite funny and a nice play on Cat Shaming and Dog Shaming.

The thing I keep coming back to is the things people are ashamed of and what it says about our industry and our perceptions of it. Quite a lot of the posters are admitting to being ashamed about reading the 'wrong' thing - whether it is Young Adult Fiction, trashy fiction or not liking the classics. Others are admitting to having issues that centre around  professional/qualified debate (eg. 'non-librarians' doing reference work or hating 'non-professional' staff representing themselves as librarians). To me, these things are complete non-issues, but they seem to consume the thoughts of people in the library industry and it is something I have never really understood. Themes like this come up in all sorts of library related discussions.

My thinking has always been, so long as library staff are doing a good job at what needs to be done in their libraries, so long as customers are getting information they need, learning, developing skills and creating, so long as we are connecting people with what they need, WHO CARES?!?!?!

It is great to be able to laugh at ourselves and the little self obsessed world we work in, but there are some things we really just need to get over..